I have Fenplast products, how can I keep them in good condition?

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I have Fenplast products, how can I keep them in good condition?

[All Tips]

PVC Rigid extrusions:

  • A regular cleaning with a mild soap (all purpose or glass cleaner) or a specially formulated PVC soap will keep your windows beautiful and glossy for numerous years.
  • In case of tougher dirt, here is a list of recommended / non recommended products
Recommended products

Murphy’s Oil® soap
Non abrasive cleaner, Vim Gel type
Any mild soap and water solution
Vinegar and water solution

NOT recommended products

Chlorine bleach
Liquid grease remover
Strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents
Nail polish remover
Furniture polish and cleaners
Any aggressive solvent


Clean only with a damp cloth or compressed air. Usage of Ammoniac based products and vinegar must be avoided on metallic parts. A silicon based lubricant without acetone (we strongly recommend the JIG-A-LOO® brand) once or twice a year on locks, hinges, lock points and rubber will assure the smooth operation of your opening window.


To minimize the risk of thermal breakage, it is recommended to keep good air circulation near the glass. Don’t let drapes, blinds closed in very cold weather. Try to avoid any heat concentration on the glass; avoid any heating output going directly on the glass.

Fenplast offer these general information to assist you during the caring of your windows :

Click here to download the Fenplast Windows caring Guide for windows (PDF)


The extruded aluminium screen comes with 2 springs (black) in a rail on each vertical side; moving these toward the middle will make the screen looser. Conversely, moving the spring towards the corners will make it tighter.

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