When Protégez-Vous assesses the costs of window materials


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When Protégez-Vous assesses the costs of window materials


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We want to bring to your attention a really interesting article in the May 2017 edition of Protégez-Vous magazine : « Fenêtres : Comparatif des différents matériaux ». (French only)

The latter, also available in electronic version on the site with a subscription (monthly subscription is possible and allows access to all archives, including this article), offers an excellent summary of the different properties of each window materials: wood, aluminum, fiberglass and PVC.

Since the choice of frame material is the factor that has the greatest impact on the final price, Protégez-Vous commissioned Cossette & Touchette, a firm of technologists specializing in the inspection and maintenance of buildings, to evaluate the long-term costs of 6 materials.

In conclusion, experts conclude that PVC and its hybrid model are the most economical and competitive materials.

We strongly encourage you to read this column which we consider to be an excellent reference on the ABC of window materials.

Have a good read!

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