Develop your future at Fenplast!

IT jobs

Develop your future at Fenplast!

IT jobs

Ah, doors and windows… We open them, we close them, sometimes we leave them ajar (and we get surprised by the weather). Beyond these simple objects hides a stimulating world. And guess what? You can be at the heart of the action and innovation behind every opening. Fenplast, Quebec leader in the door and window industry, is the manufacturer that relies the most on digital and computerized solutions.

Wondering why choose Fenplast for your career?

  • The diversity of projects
    At Fenplast, expect to dive into a multitude of exciting and varied projects. A new ERP, a highly envied product configurator, and several other exciting projects are on the table. Your creative spirit will have no limits here!

  • Big projects that will thrill developers
    Yes, you read correctly. Imagine the feeling of pride when you help create solutions that shape people’s lives. Projects that will make you say, “Yeah, I coded this, and it’s awesome!”

  • Challenges to match your genius
    Are you thirsty for technical challenges? At Fenplast, every day is an adventure. Solving complex problems and juggling new technologies, that’s your daily life. Boredom? Confined to the barriers of the past. With us, the challenge is the dish of the day!

  • A well-established team
    You won’t have to navigate the world of windows and doors alone. Join a dynamic, well-organized and enthusiastic team.


You know, we could all work for a company that makes “regular things.” But let’s face it, doors and windows are much cooler than you thought. Fenplast is not just a job, it’s an opportunity to carve your career through our doors and windows (virtual, of course)!

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