Trend to watch: arches


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Trend to watch: arches


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Arches are growing in popularity in the field of interior design and decoration. This emerging trend is redefining the aesthetics of spaces by introducing curved and elegant shapes. Whether they are walls, integrated into a wall niche, accessories such as mirrors or optical illusion with paint, arches are found almost everywhere in current decor.


Of course, windows are no exception. We are slowly beginning to see their appearance. In this article, we will explore the emerging trend of arched windows in detail. We will look at the advantages they offer, as well as the different ways to integrate them harmoniously into the existing interior decoration.



Arched windows offer a distinctive alternative to traditional rectangular windows, bringing a touch of charm and character to any environment.

These windows, characterized by their rounded arc or semi-circle shape, can be found in a variety of architectural styles, from classic to contemporary. Their unique design makes it possible to create bright and welcoming spaces, while adding an artistic dimension to the interior.

  • They bring in natural light and create a warm ambience : Arched windows allow natural light to penetrate deep into the interior space, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
  • They bring a unique cachet : They lend themselves to creating a little dramatic effect in an otherwise bland area. They also add a touch of elegance and character to any space. Their curved shape brings a timeless aesthetic and creates a visually appealing focal point.
  • They give the effect of visually enlarging the interior space : The curved shape of the arched windows creates an illusion of larger space, which is particularly beneficial in smaller or confined spaces.


Arched windows can be integrated in different places in the house. They can be made as a single curved fixed window or they can be made from a curved transom placed above casement windows, for example to allow ventilation of a room.

Install a large arched window above a sofa to create an impressive focal point in your living room. The curved shape of the window will attract attention and add a touch of elegance to the space, while offering a panoramic view of the outside.


Place arched windows along one wall in the dining room to bring in plenty of light during meals. This will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for gathering times with family or friends.


Incorporate arched windows in the bedroom to benefit from soft natural light and a relaxing atmosphere. You can opt for arched windows above the bed or place them on either side of the room for visual balance. Use light curtains or blinds to control light and create an intimate atmosphere when desired.

Arched windows can bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Install them above a tub or sink to allow natural light to filter in while maintaining privacy.


Transform your hallway or staircase into an impressive architectural feature by adding arched windows. This will allow natural light to spill into adjacent spaces and create a dramatic visual effect.

For an extra touch of elegance, you can add decorative grills to your arched window.

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In some cases, an arched window can be used as a stand-alone architectural feature, independent of other windows in the room. It can be placed strategically to create a striking focal point, immediately catching the eye and adding an artistic dimension to the space.

These examples show the versatility of arched windows and how they can be used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of different areas in your home. Whether you use them as a focal point or to optimize natural lighting, arched windows add a unique visual dimension and create a pleasant atmosphere in every space.

Tips for matching with existing interior design

When you decide to incorporate arched windows in your interior space, it is essential to harmonize them with the existing decoration. Here are some tips to ensure a successful integration:

  • Consider the overall architectural style : Arch windows can adapt to different architectural styles such as traditional, contemporary, minimalist, or even industrial. Consider the style of your home or space to choose arch windows that blend naturally with the overall aesthetic.
  • Play with symmetry and balance : When arranging arched windows, it is important to maintain symmetry and visual balance. If you have several in a room, make sure they are positioned in a balanced way to avoid a messy appearance.
  • Balance light : Arched windows allow more natural light to enter your interior space. However, it is important to balance the brightness well to avoid problems such as excessive glare or heat build-up. Although it’s a bit more complex than a rectangular window, you can install curtains or blinds on arched windows to control the amount of light entering while maintaining the overall aesthetic.
  • Highlighting : To highlight your arched windows, consider choosing appropriate window treatments. Opt for window treatments that frame and highlight the arched shape, such as curtains with side drapes or custom Roman shades. Be careful not to completely obstruct the shape of the arch to maintain its visual appeal.

In summary, arched windows are a trend to watch over the next few years. It will not be surprising to see them appear in your neighborhood.

Their integration can transform your interior by creating a welcoming, elegant and unique atmosphere. Whether you choose arch windows for a renovation or new construction, they will add aesthetic and functional value to your space. Finally, it should be noted that arched windows can have a positive impact on property value, adding additional appeal to potential buyers.

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of arched windows and explore the possibilities they offer to transform your interior environment into an exceptional and harmonious place.

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