Your door color: your signature


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Your door color: your signature


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The color of your door is one of the first things people notice when they see your home and often creates the first impression.

Depending on the color of its door, your house can look quite different; from a sober and discreet effect to a more dazzling and personalized one. Its color is in a way your signature since it reflects your personal tastes.




To create harmony, we suggest that you consider the other exterior elements (windows, garage door, shutters, gate, brick and mortar), to choose a color that will match the whole. A variety of colors are possible according to your tastes and what atmosphere you want to create.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are sure values, timeless, and steeped in tradition. They give your home a sober and tasteful appearance.

The white front door is an essential classic. It is a symbol of purity and luminosity. It brightens places and has the great advantage of enhancing the other colors in the surroundings.

The black front door is a sign of elegance, distinction, and refinement. Whether your home is contemporary or more classic, black will match any style.

The beige front door reflects sobriety and discretion. It blends with many colors for a harmonious result.

The gray front door characterizes neutrality and gives a contemporary style and a touch of sophistication. Combined with other neutral shades, such as sand and stone, it will be ideal if you want to create a soothing and welcoming exterior.

A colorful front door

Some will prefer to bring a personalized touch to their home with a shade that stands out. A dazzling color transforms your facade, gives it a warm welcome and a dynamic entrance.

Be careful, however, of urban planning rules, it is best to find out beforehand from your municipality if the desired color fits with the intentions of your housing complex / district / city.

To select a color, you can play with contrasts or analogous colors. The contrasting colors are found in front of each other in the chromatic circle while they are side by side when we speak of analogs. So, you can harmonize the color of your door with one of an exterior element of your house, such as the color of the brick, by choosing colors in the same tones. Or, conversely, by choosing the opposite color to your siding. Thanks to the chromatic circle, you will be able to reassure yourself in the choice of colors to associate.

Depending on the shade chosen for your front door, you can create different moods.

The red front door is a sign of power and splendor. This intense color leaves no one indifferent. It gives off an impression of warmth and will give a lot of dynamism and character to your home.

The yellow front door is THE positive color: it is invigorating, festive and joyful, and is associated with friendship. It represents a warm and friendly home.

The blue front door is synonymous with serenity, calm and distinction. Widely used in decoration, its nuances are so numerous that it can adapt to all tastes and all styles.

The green front door evokes balance, nature and zenitude. In decoration, it is associated with comfort and conviviality.

And to finish, why not choose an unusual color such as the pink door, which inspires softness, freshness and is very inviting.

Do not hesitate to contact your Fenplast retailer who will be able to help you in your choice of color, whether traditional or not. In addition, with our Inspiration application, he will be able to show you the possible options using a photo of your house displaying the doors of the considered colors to facilitate your choice. We can then make your dream come true!

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