Thinking of replacing your windows and doors in winter?…. Not such a bad idea!


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Thinking of replacing your windows and doors in winter?…. Not such a bad idea!


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If you had in mind to replace your doors and windows in winter, you might also have been thinking that a more appropriate time to proceed would be between April and October. This indeed happens to be the busiest period for manufacturers and distributors who are windows and doors specialists, but you should be aware that winter is also an appropriate time to do this!

A specialized windows and doors installation technician will be just as competent in winter as in summer. The installer will adjust its technique according to the outside temperature, while ensuring to remove any snow-related dirt after the work has been completed. The products used such as urethane, insulating wool and caulking are also highly effective when the mercury drops below zero because products are kept warm before application.

The time required to install a new door or window varies greatly from one house to another in summer and winter. It goes without saying that the technician’s job may be more complex in winter given the outside temperature. The estimated time to replace an average-sized window is 30 minutes, followed by the required finishing steps for both inside and outside the home. Fortunately, the rapid application of insulation products minimizes heat loss during the replacement of a door or window, so there is no need to worry about cooling down your home.

Keep in mind that although it is possible to install windows and doors in winter without problems, installers will not be able to work when the weather becomes critical, such as during a snowstorm or a period of extreme cold.

Finally, shopping for windows and doors in the winter can be advantageous: a less busy period, immediate savings on your heating bill as well as attractive discounts such as those currently being offered!

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