How to Increase the Soundproofing of your windows and doors


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How to Increase the Soundproofing of your windows and doors


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To reduce street and neighbourhood or any other noise nuisances that can spoil your life, the best solution possible is our “Tranquility” option.


Products with the “Tranquility” option provide peace of mind thanks to the addition of sound-absorbing glass to casement/awning or panoramic windows as well as sliding doors.

Essentially, this option consists of using a sealed double-glazed unit made of laminated glass, providing a higher sound transmission index (STI). Among its other advantages, laminated glass is also safer, just like a car windshield. Moreover, lamination protects 99% of the adverse effects of UV rays.

The Super Spacer® spacer, used in the manufacture of the sealed unit, is perfectly adapted for sound insulation. It is made of structural foam with a composition like that of the materials used to soundproof and insulate houses against heat loss.

It also improves the windows and sliding doors soundproofing of 2 decibels.


The sound transmission index (STI) is the most commonly used measure in North America. The STI is calculated by comparing the measured transmission loss curve with reference curves and is obtained by standardized acoustic testing. STI and STC (Sound Transmission Class) have the same meaning.

The targeted STI for superior soundproofing performance is 38. The higher the number, the better the performance.

Data based on the performance of Trendy PVC windows

Thus, the “Tranquility” option will provide you all the peace of mind that you expect, whether you are in rural areas or in urban areas.

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