How to avoid overheating


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How to avoid overheating


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Do you have a room that you want to guard against overheating in the summer months and wish a better insulating glass over the winter months?

Our Super HP® energy-efficient glass is the perfect choice.

Depending on your needs and priorities, selecting the right type of insulating glass for optimal performance is a crucial element.

The dilemma is that, during the winter months, we want to maximize solar gains, whereas, in summer, we want to limit heat gains.
As a result, the need for solar control will vary depending on where the opening is oriented.

You must therefore take into consideration the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) which indicates the amount of solar radiation (heat) admitted through a window or door. Low solar gain glass will not only block unwanted sun during the summer but also desirable sun in the winter season.

Super HP® glass has superior insulating functions (an R-value factor, a measure of thermic transfer resistance of 4.2, for double glazing); however, it is more efficient in blocking solar radiation (heat) from the sun.

Wherever your home is located, it is extremely important to choose windows and doors that will give you the utmost level of comfort and energy savings.

Windows and doors can have a significant impact on your energy consumption… so, ensure to make the right choice!

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