I’m renovating, how do I prepare myself?


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I’m renovating, how do I prepare myself?


[All Tips]

How do I take the rough measurement to have an idea of the price?

We suggest measuring the windows and doors from the inside of the interior casings. A detail that can be useful for the dealer is to know if your windows and doors have an exterior moulding that surrounding their perimeter.

For my windows, how to choose between installing in the existing box or replacing the box?

Each dealer has their personal preference and every renovation has specific needs, nevertheless you should know that:

  • Installing a window into the existing box does generally a cleaner job mostly due to the fact that it minimizes surprises that can occur in any renovation project.
  • Installing windows into existing boxes, generally, do not damage interior casings around windows.
  • A trustworthy installer will replace any piece of wood that seems rotten during the installation.
  • Two caulking beads must be applied on the outside; one between the window and the flat aluminium flashing that usually covers up your frame and another one between the aluminium flashing and your outside cladding.
  • The removal of the window box implies more important carpentry work.
  • Starting from the frame of the house assures a more homogenous installation and a more integrated final job.
  • Only one caulking bead should be necessary (in most cases), between the window and the exterior finish.

What do the performance numbers (A-3, B-7 etc…) attached to windows and doors really mean?

These numbers give an idea of the performance of the windows and doors to the followings tests:
A= Airtightness, the scale is from 1 to 3.
B= Water penetration, the scale is from 1 to 7.
C= Wind load resistance (The capacity of a window or a door to withstand hurricane or extreme winds.), the scale is from 1 to 5.

These tests must be passed in an accredited laboratory and are essential to obtain an acceptation number from the CCMC, Canadian Construction Materials Centre.

An important point to verify when buying windows and doors is to be sure that it is the manufacturer itself (and not the PVC extruder) that went through the testing process. That is a way to be sure that the window or door you’re buying will be identical to the one that has been tested.
Fenplast tests randomly selected products from its production line, to make sure that the “regular” produtcs will be as efficient as the test units.

How can I evaluate a proposition from a dealer who wants to replace my windows and doors?

Windows and doors renovation isn’t different from any other renovation projects. You should ask for references from the dealer you’re interested in doing business with. Don’t be shy to ask the dealer for some references in your vicinity. The number of years the dealer has been in business and the quality of the presentation given are clues you can count on.

How to insulate the space between the window / door and the house?

Mineral wool or injected urethane are the two solutions currently used for residential purposes. Both carry advantages and disadvantages. We should advise you to be cautious of the kind of urethane used. It should be a non-expansive type and should keep all its flexibility (like a marshmallow) for a number of years.

What is the ER rating?

The energy rating (ER) is based on several factors, including the U* value and airtightness.

The ER value establishes the energy efficiency required for the ENERGY STAR® certification of a product for a given climate zone. The higher the ER value, the more a product is energy-efficient. Therefore, it makes it easier to compare and choose between the different window products based on the best energy efficiency.

*U value: Non-solar heat gain or loss coefficient. The U value measures the heat transfer rate. The lower the U value, the more a window is insulated and the better its energy efficiency. It is expressed in W/m2K.

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