When your window shades can cause irreparable damage


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When your window shades can cause irreparable damage


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Did you know that the shades, blinds or curtains in your home could permanently damage the PVC frame of your windows?

Indeed, this situation is not impossible, and this despite fenestration products of superior quality and impeccable installation.

The cause?

The heat of the sun’s rays. Indeed, the window ornaments, when installed inside the frame and closed permanently, trap and concentrate the heat continuously on the glazing. The glass, combined with the heat of the sun, acts like a magnifying glass and causes a significant increase in temperature on the inside of the glass.

Opaque canvases, often used in bedrooms, do not diffuse heat. When these are continuously closed, the temperature of the glass, and consequently that of the frames, becomes very high.

Be aware that PVC deforms when the material reaches temperatures of 68°C. Normally, the frame temperature should not exceed 55°C. However, if the sun is at its lowest zenith and the heat can not diffuse due to a closed shade or installed too close to the frame, it will not be impossible for surface temperatures to exceed the point of no return.


In order to protect your windows from overheating, we advise you to install your shades, blinds and curtains outside the frame. If you still need to install your window cover inside the frame, it is important to ventilate the glass surface during the day to allow the hot air to circulate and prevent it from damaging the materials of the window. your windows.

We invite you now to read this unfortunate story reported by the APCHQ.

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