Your steel door: How to choose it?


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Your steel door: How to choose it?


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Buying a front door may seem simple, but in fact what do you know about the criteria to consider when buying it? And what makes the quality of a steel door?

Besides style and color, there are some important quality parameters to consider when shopping. Here are the 3 main criteria as well as the characteristics of standard and superior quality steel doors, both as good as the other, but the latter offering maximum performance.


Doors must withstand all the hazards of life. They must resist rust, shocks, temperature variations, bad weather… and forced entry attempts!

It is therefore important to check its durability. The use of steel in its manufacturing process plays an important role. The thicker the steel that makes up the exterior of the door, the more difficult it will be to knock in or damage.


To maximize your comfort and preserve the ambient temperature, it’s important to control air infiltration in your home, hence the importance of checking its weatherproofing.

A standard quality door has magnetic weatherstripping on 3 sides in addition to a sweep at the threshold that prevents air and water from entering. For even more comfort, a superior quality door is equipped with a continuous seal that spans its entire perimeter to improve its soundproofing and reduce air infiltration.

Energy efficiency

When we talk about energy efficiency, we first talk about insulation. We mainly refer to the R rating to determine the thermal resistance of the insulation, namely its ability to withstand temperature peaks. The higher the value, the more the door is considered to be insulating.

The standard quality door, which normally has an R13 rating, is insulated enough to withstand thermal variations. The higher quality, thicker, contains more insulating foam to achieve an R19 rating and offers maximum comfort.

The second aspect when talking about energy efficiency is the ENERGY STAR® certification. This label is a security guarantee for the energy efficiency of the product.

Adding decorative glass to a standard quality door reduces its energy efficiency. It will therefore only have the ENERGY STAR® certification if it is solid (without glass). The superior quality door is perfectly suited to the installation of triple glazing offering a significantly higher energy performance, preserving its ENERGY STAR® certification and not preventing the desired aesthetic appearance.

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