Grilles are making a comeback


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Grilles are making a comeback


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While the preference for windows in recent years has been for completely bare windows, we have recently noticed the return of windows with grilles.

Modern farmhouse-style homes that have been gaining popularity lately have brought this long-forgotten trend back to the fore.

However, although it is largely seen on this style, other home designs have started to embrace the trend, demonstrating that grilles work equally well on contemporary homes as it does on country styles. They give them a unique and warm character.

The trend also extends to front doors where you can see grided windows in doors, but also in transoms and sidelights.

Grilles in sliding doors are also appearing, a detail that sets them apart from standard models and gives them a note of sophistication. Note that only grilles can be used, the fake mullions preventing the proper functioning of the opening and closing of the doors, when sliding one over the other.




Difference between grilles and fake mullions

You will probably hear both terms while shopping. Grilles are inside the window itself. They are inserted between 2 sheets of glass thus avoiding any tedious maintenance without affecting the warranty of the sealed units. While fake mullions are glued directly to the surface of the glass by means of a self-adhesive tape. Grilles are a less expensive option if you have a more limited budget since fake mullions involve more operations during the manufacture of the window.


Fake mullions


Depending on the positioning of your grilles or mullions, several configurations are possible. Here is a few.


Entry doors

Sliding doors

Each configuration will give a different effect. For example, grids installed only in the upper section of the windows is a perfect solution for those who wish to add the little special touch that they provide, without however obstructing the entire surface of the glass and the outside view. This configuration will add uniqueness and charm while being subtle.

Trick to visualize a future configuration

Not sure of the configuration you chose and you’re more of the visual type? An easy trick to visualize the number of panes you want in your home is to apply green semi-adhesive tape, often used in paint, to your current windows to recreate the desired configuration. In doing so you’ll have a better idea if you like it!


The style or profile of the grilles or mullions also contributes to giving a different look to your windows. Several widths, profiles and colors are available on the market to create the desired combination.




13/16″ Fake mullion

1 1/8″ Fake mullion

1 5/8″ Fake mullion

2 1/16″ Fake mullion


The current trend is for thin and refined grilles/mullions to give a more contemporary look. Wider panes are also preferred. Obviously, black is the favorite color of the moment, however white remains a classic.

Still unsure of the best choice for your home? Come meet one of our Fenplast retailers to view your home with different grid windows and doors options. Using our Inspiration application, you will be able to display your home with different configurations to help you make the best choice before making the final decision.

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